Our team of professionals at Nardi Electrical Contractors has the experience necessary to take on any job, whether you need work done at your home or workplace. Changes in technology happen at a rapid pace with energy efficiency a priority across the country. We have to continually change to meet the new requirements: green technology, smart homes, energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and electric vehicle charging stations. Continuing education, National Electrical Code, and safety training is mandatory at Nardi Electrical Contractors.

Play It Safe

Your building can turn into a hazard if your electrical systems aren’t properly maintained from year to year. At Nardi Electrical Contractors, we service your generators, smoke alarms, circuit breakers, and other electrical wiring to make sure everything is safe and functioning properly. There’s no reason to take a chance on your safety!

Update Your Home or Office

Don’t let your home and office fall behind the times! We can help you remodel an out-of-date room or building and make sure everything is up to code. Contact us for these services and more if you live in Monmouth County or a surrounding area: